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Empowerment of disabled persons in Sierra Leone


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Over 400 Disabled

The good fight for equal rights among all men especially persons with disability is one that is resonating everyday in

Lend a Hand

We help & care for disabled people with compassion & empathy...

Food & Shelter

Providing food and shelter for under prevelaged children  ...


Giving the disabled a voice: support the disabled to stand for their rights

Providing guidelines for Inclusive Practice

Disabled International Foundation Sierra Leone (DIF-SIL) follows the Social Model of Disability, recognizing that people are disabled more by poor design, inaccessible services and other people’s attitudes than by their impairment. This guides our work in promoting and campaigning for Independent Living.

​We recognize the need for an inclusive approach which integrates disabled people fully into society, and the need to empower and involve disabled people in the formulation and implementation of social and economic development policies.


  • Empower disabled people by providing resources within the community and promoting inclusiveness.
  • Empower disabled people through capacity building.
  • To promote disabled people’s rights and fight against discrimination experienced by disabled people 
  • To promote and cultivate the culture of peace 
  • To Support disabled people in our society.
  • To Be an effective advocate for the views, priorities and interests of disabled people.
  • Influence policy and decision makers at all levels and to work with the government of Sierra Leone to promote the rights of disabled people.
  • Develop and Deliver services for disabled people
  • Increase the capacity of disabled youths through vocational skills training
  • Raise awareness of disabled people 
  • Provide grants or start up kits to train physically challenged disabled youth for self-employment
  • Advocate against the psyche of disability to be inability in our communities
  • To ensure that disabled people can be involved in every walk of life.


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