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Empowerment of disabled persons in Sierra Leone


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Lend a Hand

We help & care for disabled people with compassion & empathy...

Over 400 Disabled

The good fight for equal rights among all men especially persons with disability is one that is resonating everyday in


Giving the disabled a voice: support the disabled to stand for their rights

Food & Shelter

Providing food and shelter for under prevelaged children  ...

Dignity & Respect for All

Our cause is to bring dignity, respect and independence to the lives of disabled people in Sierra Leone, empowering them and campaigning for disability equality.

We work with the physically challenged, sensory impaired and those with mental health issues or developmental needs, as well as those living with HIV - AIDS.

​We also campaign to achieve gender equality, and issues affecting women and children, including FGM (female genital mutilation), child and early marriage and violence against women and children.