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Achievements and Awards

We work to ensure that disabled people are treated with dignity and are offered the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. We believe that people are disabled even more by poor design, inaccessibility to services and the attitudes of others rather than by their impairment.


DIF-SIL's work focuses on influencing stakeholders by advocating for the right and benefit of persons with disabilities including men, women, children and youths, disabled living with HIV/AIDS in all aspect i.e. Education, Health Care, Economic Empowerment and total inclusion at all levels. DIF-SIL also works toward a barrier-free society fully inclusive of person with disabilities, for gender equality, caompaign against sexual abuse ..

Some of DIFSILs global achievement include the following awards: 

  • AWOL UK Award for outstanding charity humanitarian organization of the year.
  • Black African Woman Rock for the Prestigious award on 28th /11/2015 at the Antonnette Hotel. Kingston, Surrey.
  • Campaign against sexual and gender based crimes
  • Campaign for the First Disabled Minister in the History of Sierra Leone.
  • Ambassador for both 2012 London Olympics and the Common Wealth Games in Glasgow 2o14.
  • Launched a Building Project for an Orphanage for Children who parents have died through the Ebola virus at the house of Parliament on the 8 December 2o14.
  • Crowned by the Minister of Social Welfare as The Mother Theresa of Africa. Won so many awards international and local award  on the 20/December the foundation won Humanitarian Award for the contributions to complimentary The Government of Sierra Leone and the International community to eradicate Ebola from Africa.
  • Disabled international foundation Sierra  is a Signatory to the policy with British Prime minister  David Cameron and other countries to end FGM and Early force Child Marriage
  • In 2013 interview with BBC One. Channel four, BBC Radio and Ben TV following my work as CEO of DIF-SIL.

DIF-SIL continues to advocate on issues affecting person with disability (PWD’s) including men, women, children and youths. Through workshops, radio and television talks, drama and films  we address issues such as Disability related matters, Gender equality issues and protection for vunerable people etc..