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DIFSIL Boss Now World Ambassador

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The Unity Malnutrition Children’s Organization (UMCO) has appointed Founder and Executive Director, Disabled International Foundation - Sierra Leone, Madam Imambay Kadie Kamara, as Ambassador for malnourished children around the world.

According to UMCO, her recognition is due to her philanthropic work in promoting disability issues and more especially, providing for disabled children who are very vulnerable all over the world. It also recognizes the fact that Madam Imambay Kadie Kamara has been involved in this venture for close to ten years now without let up.

According to the philanthropist and Chief Executive Director, Madam Amambay Kamara, she is lost of words to express how humble and privileged she feels to have been given such high honour, taking into account she is not the only one engaged in this type of work.

 “I m really happy for the position as an Ambassador for malnourished children around the world, which makes my job much more interesting because now I would have to travel to other places on the globe to help other children around the world in ensuring they are well protected and taken care of and I strongly believe that this ambassadorship comes at the right time, when my organization has embarked.

In another engagement, the Disabled International Foundation Sierra Leone on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Handicapped Action Movement (HAM) to work on and promote disabled issues in the country.

Signing the MOU, the Chairman for Handicapped Action Movement Abu Koroma, said for the past years as disabled persons, they have been looking for a credible organization to partner with and that they believe they have found the right institution in DIFSIL, which would promote their interests.

“We are very grateful to the CEO of DIFSIL who actually demonstrated to us that she is indeed a mother of the disabled and with her, we shall see positive change in the country in the lives of people living with disabilities. We are presently working very hard with DIFSIL to remove disabled people off the streets and find a center where they will learn something to sustain and take care of themselves and their families,” he explained.

In her statement, the awarding winning philanthropist, Madam Imambay Kadie, said she is happy to realize people appreciate her work and have come forward to collaborate. She added that that shows the level of commitment they have because she has proved she is here for real.

She added that for the past year, her cry was to help take the disabled off the streets and now that HAM in onboard they can now work concertedly in achieving the vision of DIFSIL and HAM, she noted.