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About Us


Disabled International Foundation is a non-profit organization campaigning for disabled rights to empower disabled people in Sierra Leone and the UK .

We fundraise to support a workspace in Freetown providing employment opportunities to disabled adults, many of whom were disabled during the war. Our work also involves giving support to disabled children by providing shelter, food and education.  focus on gender equality.

Disabled International's story began 15 years ago when Imambay Kamara established the Foundation to help support disabled people in Sierra Leone and to campaign for their rights.

Inspired by her own mother, who was severely disabled, Imambay founded Disabled International Foundation Sierra Leone (DIF-SIL) in 2008 with the aim of improving and seeking to make social change in the lives of people with disabilities. Since then Disabled International has become a pioneering organization through campaigning and advocacy work to ensure that disabled people and their families are treated with dignity and respect in society.

Disabled International played a leading role in its campaigns that led to the passing of the 2011 Person with Disabilities act in Sierra Leone. Our continuous work also contributed to the strengthening of those hard-won rights for disabled people.

Disabled International foundation (DIF-SIL) is a privately funded, non-profit organization that is working through advocacy, skills training, development projects and education towards inequality and the empowerment of persons with disability.

Our main Goal right now is to complete our new school premises which is under construction, that will accommodate all of the disabled children! With the help of your donations we will be able to complete this sooner & continue to support & provide for them.