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About the Founder

ikk 03Disabled International Foundation Sierra Leone (DIF-SIL) has been the heart of charity since 2008 in Sierra Leone with the aim of improving and seeking to make social changes in the lives of those who are affected. 

My  name is Imambay Kadie Kamara. I am the Founder and CEO for Disabled International Foundation Sierra Leone. I am a mother to six children and a grandmother. I was born in the republic of Guinea then moved to in Sierra Leone where I grew up.

My early years were faced with difficulties such as poverty and a parent with physical disability. At a very young age I was faced with responsibility of taking care of the family. Since my mother’s physical disability did not allow her to work, I would leave home every day to sell in the streets in order to bring money home for food.

I was also often faced with issues of physical and verbal abuse and discrimination due to the fact that my mother was disabled. Disable people are looked down on and have very little place in the community. These were very difficult years with such a high responsibilities at such a young age, and did leave some metal scar up to this day.

I run a charity in Sierra Leone to help people with disabilities such as physical or mental impairments. My work focuses mainly on integrating people with disabilities into society, and to empower and involve them in the implementation of social and economic development projects that would improve their lives. This includes providing support that helps individuals to achieve new goals and learn life skills that will give them new opportunities and greater freedom and self dependence in life.